Lakhumal Hiranand Hiranandani

Lakhumal Hiranand Hiranandani (born Lakhumal Hiranand Khiara on September, 1917 in Thatta, Sindh) is an eminent and famous E.N.T. (otorhinolaryngologist) surgeon in Bombay. Dr. Hiranandani, overcame poverty by his sheer determination and single-minded purpose to become an E.N.T. surgeon.He is renowned for his pioneering spirit and indomitable courage.

Hiranandani courageously disregarded medical orthodoxy and the medical caste system to devise a treatment for throat cancer, thus "encroaching" into the domain of head-and-neck surgeons. In 1972, Hiranandani was awarded the Padma Bhushan award by President of India V V Giri.

Despite his advanced age and several medical interventions, including the installation of a cardiac stent and cardiac pacemaker, and ailing from Parkinson's Disease, he still remains active in medicine.

Hiranandani is also the father of the late Dr. Navin Hiranandani, Niranjan Hiranandani and Surendra Hiranandani who set up and own the pioneer construction business Hiranandani Constructions, although Navin exited from the business to concentrate on his E.N.T. practice.

Hiranandani Constructions has built several layouts in Bombay and other cities in India, the most famous being the Hiranandani Gardens project built in the hills of Powai, Bombay, overlooking the Powai Lake.

The Hiranandani Gardens complex also includes the newly opened Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital built by Niranjan and Surendra in tribute to their father, and which is presided over by Hiranandani himself.

Dr.Hiranandani is also involved in charity work, besides personally prescribing medications and performing surgeries for low fees or free, for economically weak patients. He is also involved with social work, particularly but not exclusively among Sindhis in the diaspora, such as the Hyderabad (Sindh) National Collegiate Board managed by Sindhi Hindu refugees from Partition and which operates several prestigious educational institutions and colleges in Bombay (e.g. National College, Bandra; K.C. College, Back Bay Reclaimation).

He is also involved to an extent with politicians and was one of those who had persuaded Marathi and Gujarati politicians to permit a bilingual Bombay State uniting Marathi and Gujarati dominated areas of the former British province of the Bombay Presidency to continue to exist, 1956 - 1960, a project that ceased to have value when the Marathi insisted on a Marathi-dominated Maharashtra State — the violent Samyukta Maharashtra movement. As a result, the State of Bombay was bifurcated on May 1, 1960 into the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

A self confessed workaholic, L. H. as he is popularly known, even to this day walks and works at a pace that men and women generations younger cannot keep up with. When questioned about retirement, pat comes the reply- "Retirement is for old people and I am a young man", as he rushes off to perform one more surgery. His immense spirit and energy has been a source of inspiration for younger physicians all over India.

Dr. L.H. Hiranandani: Born To Heal by Dr. Subhadra Anand, Rupa & Co., New Delhi, 2004. and sailesh hiranandani

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