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Welcome to VitalStim® Therapy

VitalStim Therapy ® is a safe and effective treatment for patients suffering with difficulty swallowing or dysphagia.    It was developed in the USA in response to the 15 million populations living with dysphagia .  FDA (Federal Drug Association) has approved this therapy in December 2001.

VitalStim therapy is a specialized form of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) designed to treat swallowing disorders through muscle re-education. VitalStim therapy is administered by a small, carefully calibrated current delivered to the motor nerves of the patient's throat through specially designed electrodes causing the muscles responsible for swallowing to contract. At the same time, a dysphagia specialist guides the patient through active swallowing therapy to re-educate normal swallow function.

Most treatment sessions are within 60 minutes in duration.  VitalStim therapy has helped thousands of patients with dysphagia, including patients resigned to live on feeding tubes. Therapy sessions are repeated between three and five times a week until swallowing patterns have been restored to a nearly normal level.  Sufferers frequently see dramatic improvements in 6 to 20 daily sessions, sometimes in as little as 3 days.

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